TR transaction


Ticket Record is generated when a fare has been auto-priced(4P*) in 1P.  As you can see from below, you still cannot physically “suppress” the TicketRecord but rather change its form. Therefore, kindly add this option your AirCreateReservation API as following:

Worldspan and Axess fares can be stored in a PNR using Auto-Pricing (4P*), Ticket Record (4P*|TR), Stored Fare Quote (4PQ), and Pricing Instructions (4-PI).

Note: Pricing types of TicketRecord and PricingInstruction are not allowed in the same PNR.

Universal API is not currently able to ticket PNRs that contain only Auto-Pricing fares. As a result, Universal API identifies the type of pricing in the PNR as either Ticket Record or Stored Fare.

In Universal v32.0 and earlier, if a fare was stored as Auto-Pricing, all responses returned the fare type as Ticket Record (PricingType=”TicketRecord”). In Universal v33.0 and greater, the response returns the fare type as either “TicketRecord” or “StoredFare“, based on the fare type. Release 15.3

Auto-Pricing fares are returned as PricingType=”StoredFare” if there is only one Auto-Pricing fare present in the PNR. Because Worldspan and Axess override the existing Stored Fare if another Stored Fare is added to the PNR, multiple fares must be returned as Ticket Records if they are in different pricing groups. For requests with multiple fares:

  • PricingType=”TicketRecord” is returned if the AirPricingInfoGroup value is different for each instance of PricingInfo.
  • PricingType=”Stored Fare” is returned if the AirPricingInfoGroup value is the same for each instance of PricingInfo. Universal API adds one fare to the PNR, which combines all the AirPricingInfo values.