Air Availability by Flight Type

    • In 1P (Worldspan) and 1J (Axess), by default, only public fares are returned.

Worldspan supports the following flight types:

    • All Flights – Type A
    • Direct Flights Only – Type B
    • Non-stop Direct Flights only – Type C
    • Online Connection Flights only – Type D
    • Stop Direct Flights only – Type E

Worldspan also supports :

    • Single interline connections – Type A
    • Double interline connections – Type A
    • Single online connections – Type D
    • Double online connections – Type D

A specific combination of attributes in Universal API must be sent in the request to match the specific Worldspan flight type desired. The following table shows the Type combinations, reading down each column, from A to E.

Universal API Indicator Worldspan Flight Type ID
NonStopDirects true true true true false
StopDirects true true false true true
SingleOnlineCon true false false true false
DoubleOnlineCon true false false true false
TripleOnlineCon false false false false false
SingleInterlineCon true false false false false
DoubleInterlineCon true false false false false
TripleInterlineCon false false false false false

If an invalid combination is submitted, Universal API defaults to Flight Type ID A.